Local Universe of Nebadon whose capital is Salvington
Constellation of Norlatiadek whose capital is Edentia
The local system of Satania whose capital is Jerusem
3,000,000,000 years ago the solar system monmatia — The Urantia Solar System was placed on the physical registry of Nebadon.
Urantia is planet #606 of Satania In our the solar system monmatia. 57:5.0  
Local Universe of Nebadon whose capital is Salvington with it’s 490 architectural spheres, page 357 15:7.7(174;7) 3,840,101 inhabited planets 32:2.9(359;6), 37:10.1(416;1) local universe #84 in minor sector of Ensa 0:0.5(1;5), 15:14.6(182;4) Major sector level (star drifts) Splandon whose capital is Umajor the 5th with its cluster of architectural spheres page 166, oldest inhabited planets are 200 billion years old 57:3.10(654;3) work begun on N. 400 billion years ago 57:3.8-9(654;1)
Constellation of Norlatiadek whose capital is Edentia consist of 100 local systems presided over by 3 Vorondadek Sons 15:2.4(166;3), 32:0.1(357;1) contain 100,000 inhabitable worlds 15:2.5,11(166;4)
The local system of Satania whose capital is Jerusem (10,000 Local systems in each local universe 15:2.10-11(167;1), limited to 1000 evolutionary planets, not reckoning worlds in light and life or in prehuman stage 15:2.3,11(166;2), 32:0.1(357;1), 49:0.2(559;2) 53:1.1(601;3) Urantia is #606. The Capital of Jerusem has Seven Satellites and forty nine sub satellites = Cluster of 57 Architectural Spheres.  200,000 light years from Jerusem to Uversa 32:2.11(359;8)  Three Gas Atmosphere. The standard mile = Seven Urantia miles. The standard weight “Gradient” = 10 Ounces. The Standard Day = Three Urantia Days. The Standard Year = 100 Jerusum Days. Page 509
Superuniverse  The Standard day = Thirty Urantia Days
Superuniverse The Standard year = 100 Standard Days = 3000 Urantia Days
33:6.7 Chronology is reckoned, computed, and rectified by a special group of beings on Salvington. The standard day of Nebadon is equal to eighteen days and six hours of Urantia time, plus two and one-half minutes. The Nebadon year consists of a segment of the time of universe swing in relation to the Uversa circuit and is equal to one hundred days of standard universe time, about five years of Urantia time.
33:6.8 Nebadon time, broadcast from Salvington, is the standard for all constellations and systems in this local universe. Each constellation conducts its affairs by Nebadon time, but the systems maintain their own chronology, as do the individual planets.
33:6.9 The day in Satania, as reckoned on Jerusem, is a little less (1 hour, 4 minutes, 15 seconds) than three days of Urantia time. These times are generally known as Salvington or universe time, and Satania or system time. Standard time is universe time.
Local Universe The standard day = 18days and 6 hrs of Urantia time. Plus two ½ minutes

Local Universe The standard year = 100 standard days = 5 Urantia Years