Open Letter "In My Opinion"

Recently at one of our meetings I heard one of the members of our group say the Urantia book was not for everyone. This struck a chord with me and prompted me to begin this open letter to everyone who reads the Urantia Book. I believe that the Urantia book is for everyone, that no special intelligence is needed to read the book. I believe that each one of us has a Father fragment, which helps us learn and interpret the message we need to learn from the Book. For instance you can start with simple concepts like the story of Adam and Eve or the life of Jesus and then advance slowly to more complex concepts.
This attitude that the Book is only for people of certain intelligence or back ground or up bringing in my opinion is dangerous. The early Catholic Church developed this attitude with the early Christians, saying the Bible was not for everyone to read, and that only the priests or elite few could understand its teachings. Unfortunately this helped to keep the masses in the dark ages for years. Then the Mass was only done in Latin which kept to common man and “uneducated” from learning or understanding it.
We cannot begin spreading the message of the Book by setting up secret societies or groups in which only people of certain education can come, we must keep the study of the Book open to all.
This brings up another point of contention; we have had the Book published for at least two to three generations. At what point are we going to start training our young in the principles of the Book. Children learn at a unbelievable rate when they are very young. They are like small sponges they can absorb large amounts of information very quickly. Remember when you were taught your “ABC’S” we were taught a little song to remember many of us still sing that little song in our minds when we say the “ABC’s”. Why not teach our young the concepts of the book the same way. Teach our children advance concepts in small parts at a time. In small building blocks large concepts become easy. For instance, it is easy to remember the three Paradise sons of God, 1. The Creator Sons- (The Michaels) 2. The Magisterial Sons (Avonals) 3. Trinity Teacher Sons (Daynals).  Then you teach the Local Sons of God. 1. Melchizedek Sons 2. Vorondedek Sons 3. Lanonandek Sons 4. Life Carriers.
In small blocks you can learn all the Personalities of the Universe easily. You can use this same process in learning the Ascending Sons, the Trinitized Sons, personalities of the Infinite Spirit, and the Ministering Spirit and so on, through the entire personality register.
When you teach your children to start counting why not teach them to count using the Seven Superuniverses. Why not teach them decimals using the multiplication of 10 in the formation of the Constellations and the Minor and major sectors. Teach them the multiplications of 12 in the elements used in our universe or even our own DNA.
Our children can use computers, phones and video games at a surprisingly young rate. Give a child a cell phone and in minutes they figure out how to get to the games. Why not create games they can learn by, instead of killing off aliens to get to the next level, why not develop games in which you can earn your way through the 570 levels of  Morontia state of being to obtain Spirit status? There is a game programmer out there that would be great at doing this if just given direction from another more advanced reader.
We have a vast amount of training knowledge in our current reader base. Let’s start using that knowledge and talent to teach the book to our young and our current population. Many of us have talents that we can us if we connect with others who have specialized talents that are different from our own. We can multiply our efforts exponentially by coming together.