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Looking for truth Atlanta Urantia Study Group - Resources\Links

Welcome to The Resources\Links Page

Warning :

Please Note: Not all links on this page have been verified as Urantia Book Friendly Sites or sites that agree with the Urantia Book so please use you own judgement in viewing these sites.

Urantia Related Organizations

The Urantia Foundation - The original publisher of The Urantia Book since 1955, features the book in seven languages and other organizational information including links to affiliated sites in countries around the world.
The Urantia Book Fellowship - The original social/fraternal organization of Urantia Book readers, founded in 1955, currently publishing the Uversa Press Indexed Urantia Book. Site features in-depth study aids, event information, study group directory and articles and essays on the book in many languages.
International Urantia Association (IUA) - A Social fraternal organization of Urantia Book readers affiliated with The Urantia Foundation, founded in the mid 1990s. International Site Links: Australia & New Zealand, Brasil, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, South America, Russia

Urantia Foundation
The Urantia Book Fellowship
UAI (Urantia Association International)
ALL (Association for Light and Life)
The Spiritual Fellowship
UAI President's Website
Contact readers worldwide
Urantia Foundation
Urantia Foundation Offices & Representatives
Urantia Book Internet School
UB Youth

Societies, Associations, and Book Clubs

Urantia Association International (UAI)
Urantia Association of the United States
Urantia Alaska
First Society
Los Angeles Society
Golden Gate Circle Society
Oregon Urantia Association
Grand Canyon Society for Readers of The Urantia Book
Lone Star Light (Texas) UA
Oklahoma Society for Readers of The Urantia Book
Florida Students of The Urantia Book
Urantia Book Society of Greater New York (UBSGNY)
Urantia Association of New England
Ohio Students of the Urantia Book
Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (GLMUA)
URANTIA Association of Canada
The UB in Ottawa-Gatineau
Finland URANTIA Association
Estonia URANTIA Association
The University Campus Urantia Book Club

Urantia Book Newsletter sites:

Urantia Foundation's News Online
The Fellowship Herald
The Urantian Journal
Urantia Book Fellowship Journal
Urantia Association International Journal
Tidings by UAI
Innerface International

Local Urantia groups

Atlanta Urantia Study Group- Atlanta, Georgia
Urantia Book Los Angeles Society- UBLA
Golden Gate Circle GGC - San Francisco Bay Area readers
Urantia Book Society of Greater NY - New York
Urantia Alaska - Alaska

Global Reader Groups

Anzura - Australia and New Zealand
Finnish: Suomen Urantia-seura r.y.
Dutch: Stichting Urantia Nederlandstalig
Korean: Korean Readers Fellowship
Russian readers site
Spanish readers site
Estonian readers site
Readers under 40UB Youth
The Retreat Network
Global Community Communications Alliance
Michael's Plan
Rebuilding the Garden
Canada: The Urantia Family
Canada: Urantians in Ottawa
Worldwide Study Group Locater
The Urantia Book Fellowship's North American Directory
The Urantia Board Community U.S., Canada, and Worldwide Directory
UB Enthusiasts "Meetups"


The Multilingual Urantia Book
Arabic Urantia Book
Kniga Urantije
Het Urantia Boek
Urantia Kirjasta
Le Livre d'Urantia
Le Livre d'Urantia
Das Urantia Buch
Il Libro Di Urantia
Yuransia Caeg
Urantijos Knyga
Ksiega Urantii
O Livro do Urantia
Kniga Urantii
El Libro de Urantia
Polylingual Search
The Urantia Book Translation Portal

Sources of Books and Study Aids

Morning Star Foundation
URANTIA Foundation
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Ascender Publishing
Square Circles Publishing
The Fellowship
Urantia Foundation
Life After Death

Urantia Book Study Websites

Atlanta Urantia Study Group
Perfecting Horizons - A video library of Chris Halvorson’s Boulder, Colorado, Urantia Book study group
First Society - Chicago area Urantia Book readers.
Grand Canyon Society - Arizona Urantia Book readers.
Golden Gate Circle - Bay Area & Northern California Urantia Book readers.
Los Angeles Society or UBLA - Los Angeles area Urantia Book readers.
New York Urantia Book readers - New York Urantia Book readers.
Svenska Urantia Sällskapet - Urantia Association of Sweden
UB Ottawa Canada - Ottawa Urantia Book readers
Polish Urantia Site - The Urantia Book in Polish
Polish Urantia Book Website - An informative site on The Urantia Book in the Polish language.
Russian Urantia Site - Urantia in Russia
El Libro, Spanish Site - The Urantia Book Fellowship's Spanish site.
The University of Colorado Boulder Urantia Book Club - Established in 1980 it is the longest continuous running Urantia campus outreach organization. The site provides information on how similar clubs can be established on other college campuses and offers printable pamphlets and posters designed for college students.
The Spiritual Fellowship - The Spiritual Fellowship seeks to be a spiritual community through the love of God and of all persons as brothers and sisters-with such love made real through service and outreach, and strengthened through individual prayer and group worship.
Urantia Book Study Groups Worldwide - Online study group locator.
Urantia Book Study Groups USA - Online study group locator.

Urantia Book Studies:

Animated study of Master Universe
Study through derivative works
Stuart R Kerr
Encyclopedia Urantia
Michelle Klimesh
Urantia Book Internet School
Science Topics
Master Universe Study - Bill Sadler
master universe almanac
Gospel Gospel - Stories of Jesus' "missing years"

God Refined: A Proposal for PeaceGod Refined: A Proposal for Peace (book) ebook for download

The Urantia Book Workbooks by William S. Sadler, MD

Foreword and Part I - Volume I
Science - Volume II
Topical and Doctrinal Studies - Volume III
Jesus - Volume IV
Theology - Volume V
Bible Study - Volume VI
Terminology - Volume VII
Worship and Wisdom - Volume VIII

Urantia Book Reader Networks and Blogs

UBRON (Urantia Book Readers Online Network)
UAI Urantia Book Forum Discussion Board
Reflections on the Urantia Book Yahoo Group
Urantia Family TagsFamily
The Urantia Board
The Omega Word
Wandering Urantian
Kingdom of Heaven Revelation Blog
Planet Urantia
Thoughts and Inspiration Around The Urantia Book
Broadcast Urantia
Urantian Sojourn

Social Networking sites:

Truthbook [Facebook]
Fans of The Urantia Book [Facebook]
Urantia-The Facebook Group [Facebook]
Urantia Events/ Projects/Programs Newsletter site [Facebook]
Friends of The Urantia Book Fellowship [Facebook]
Truth Beauty & Goodness Cafe [Facebook]
Find a UB Meetup Group

Outreach Groups

The Urantia Book Club
UBTheNews - Halbert Katzen's -verifying science and religion in the Urantia Book
The Dissemination Initiative
Urantia Nations Outreach
Urantia Book International Ministry [UBIM]

Discussion Groups

UBRON (Urantia Book Readers Online Network) Urantia Book Forum
Urantia Family
UAI Urantia Book Forum
The Urantia Board
ubronMAX Urantia Forum
Bill's UB Forum UB Discussion Group
Urantia Book Readers Web Forum
The alt.religion.urantia-book Newsgroup

Reader Sites - Kwan Choi's
Elan Vital - Suzanne Kelly's epic poem - Jim Cleveland's
resource site- Jeffrey Wattles'
Beam's Doorway - Stephen Beam
UB Comix - Don Tyler's
Ascender collection and Ascender Publishing - Troy Bishop's
The Mystic Scientist - Troy Bishop's
Mandala Project - Bailey Cunningham's
Origin Press - Byron Belitsos'
Great Pictures for UB study - Thorpe's
The Moyer Papers - Ernest Moyer
The Kingdom of  Heaven is at Hand - Edmund Roache's - Paul Kemps'
Project Search Light- Paul Kemp
Center for Christ Consciousness - Donna d'Ingillo's
Institute for Scientific Religion - Sandor Szabados's
Discovery of Atlantis - Robert Sarmast's
site for Dutch readers - Arthur van Haarlem's - Elizabeth Engstrom Cratty's - John Creger's
Official Site - Dolphins, Angels, Extraterrestrials -Timothy Wyllie's
11:11Spirit Guardians - George Barnard's
Earth-Ocean-Heaven - Linda Ohlsen Graham's
Grenszaken -Robert Zwemmer's
Simple Man's Urantia Book - William Whitehead's
Halbertcicles - Halbert Katzen's
Worldwide Broadcasting Network - Vern Grimsley's - Rebecca Oswald's music site
Truth of Urantia - Ramon Barbosa's
Innertainment - Errol and Rochelle Strider's
Edgar Cayce and the Urantia Book - John Bunker/Karen Pressler's
Audio Urantia Book Site - Lu Bartolomeo's
Urantia Garden - Carol Foerster's - David Graves'
The Inner Fellowship - Justin T Reed

General and Reference

Urantia Book Related Websites- -George Zuberbeuhler's
Directory of Global Urantia Resources - The Urantia Book International
The Urantia Book Historical Society - Harold Sherman's Archives

Introductions to The Urantia Book

Spiritual Quote of the Day
Table of Contents
An Entire Web Site Devoted to Introducing the UB
An Introduction to The Urantia Book
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Wikipedia Encyclopedia Entry
Reader Responses to Urantia FAQ's
50 Reasons Why You Should Read The Urantia Book
The URANTIA Book: After having read this book you shall change your life...
Overview/Syllabus of the UB
The Twenty Most-Asked Questions
A Collection of Reviews and Articles About The Urantia Book

Full Text or Audio of The Urantia Book Online

The Urantia Book Fellowship Online Study Edition
TheoQuest (Includes Built-in Audio Version)
URANTIA Foundation
Urantia Explorer (Created by Troy Bishop)
The Urantia Book Fellowship
Master Universe Almanac Edition Based on 1955 First Printing Text
Multiple Formats Text Download Plus Audio Download
The UB in All Languages
The Truth of Urantia
Jesus of Urantia
Audio Urantia Book Featuring Larger Text Fonts
Norm Du Val: 1955 Version With Words of Jesus in Red

(in alphabetical order)

Urantia Book Readers: Sites in Languages Other Than English

Jean Ascher (Danish)
Arthur van Haarlem (Dutch)
Christian Ruch (German Newsgroup)
Werner Sutter (German)
Paul and Malgorzata Jaworski (Polish)
Richard E. Reyes (Spanish)

International Sites

Urantia Readers International
Urantia Book International

Urantia Book - Based Studies's UB Search Engine
Topical Index
Topical Glossary
Jeffrey Wattles
Video Classes with Chris Halvorson
Synopsis of The Urantia Book
God, Man, and Supreme
Master Universe Almanac
A Study of the Master Universe
Encyclopedia Urantia
A 282-Page Comprehensive Digest of the UB
UBIS (Urantia Book Internet School)
Urantia University
The Boulder Urantia Study Group
Urantia Research
Universe Organization Chart
Science and The Urantia Book
Troy Bishop's Ascender Site
Square Circles Publishing
Urantia Book Astronomy
The Trinity Concept
Evolution of the Supreme
Universe Tour
The UB Workbooks by William S. Sadler, M.D.
Bill Sadler's Master Universe Series
Study Help
Eden Emerging: A Timeline
Seeking Wisdom
The Urantia Book Historical Society
Websters Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Urantia Book - Bible Bridges

The Paramony by Duane Faw
Jesus A Revelation of God by Laurence Whelan
Building Urantia Book Bridges
A Comparative Study of the Life and Teachings of Jesus
An Introduction to the UB for Conservative Christians
Pure Christians Website With UB Perspective
The UB and Christian Fundamentalism
The Meredith J. Sprunger Archive for Christian Clergy
Lee J. Cook
How Christian is The Urantia Book?

Urantia Book Videos and Slide Shows

Inspiring Movies and Videos Based on the UB
UB-Related Videos Source
New Horizons: Adventures in Cosmic Thinking
Paula Thompson, Part One of Three Videos
Pato Banton, Part One of Two Videos
Halbert Katzen Video
James Woodward Video

The Urantia Book on Radio

The Cosmic Citizen UB Online Radio Show
Speeches and Radio Broadcasts of Vern Bennom Grimsley
Urantia Radio

Urantia Book -Inspired Novels

The Seven Circles by Richard S. Omura
Gabriel Versus Lucifer Author Anonymous

Urantia Book - Inspired Non-fiction

Adam And Eve: A Tragic Love Story by Louis J. Bartolomeo
Gospel Gospel: An Expanded Biography by Louis J. Bartolomeo
And Then We Die: The Paradise Adventure by Louis J. Bartolomeo
The Multilevelate Universe by Troy Bishop
Starwind by Troy Bishop
Bright World of Choice by Troy Bishop
An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation by David Bradley
In Conversation with the Quantum God by J. Thomas Ford
The Call of the Spirit by Merritt Horn
God Refined: A Proposal for Peace by Robert Kezer
21 Steps to a Spiritual Awakening by Harry McMullan
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand by Ed Roache

Urantia Book - Inspired Art

Beam's Doorway
Digital Illustrations Of UB Concepts by Troy Bishop
Cosmic Landscapes by Terry Kruger
Angelic Art by Rees Marlatt
FusionArt by Rassouli
Vision Afar by Gary Tonge
UB Comix by Don Tyler
Fantastic Realism of Robert Venosa
UB-based eCards

Urantia Book Artists:

Stephen Beam
Troy Bishop
Gary Tonge
Terry Kruger
Freydoon Rassouli
Urantia Book Comix
M.Rees Marlatt
Richard Omura
Robert Venosa
Jeff Haworth

Urantia Book - Inspired Poetry

Elan Vital: A Story of God and Man by Suzanne Marie Kelly
The Sacred Cycle by Troy R. Bishop
Multimedia Presentation of The Sacred Cycle
Multi-media animated

Urantia Book Journals and Newsletters

The Fellowship Herald
The Urantian Journal
Urantia Brotherhood Bulletin, Mighty Messenger and More
Urantia Association International (UAI) Journal
TIDINGS from Associations around Urantia
Innerface International
Lone Star Light Newsletter
Spiritual Fellowship Journal

Urantians In Loving Service

The United Urantia Family Festival
UB Youth Site
InnerLife International
The Retreat Network
Urantia Nations Outreach
Free Schools World Literacy
The Global Endeavor
The Spiritual Fellowship
Global Community Communications Alliance
Free Urantia Books
The Michaels Foundation

Legal Documents

Copyright Restored
Michael Foundation's Copyright Case
E. Kwan Choi vs. Urantia Foundation Trustees

Challengers of Credibility

Caligastia Home Page

Skeptics and Critics

A Portrayal of the UB as a Danger to (Fundamentalist) Christians
One Response to the Above Portrayal
The Urantia Book and the Blood Atonement
Dan S. (
Dale E. Essary, Evangelical Christian, Rejects the Authenticity of the UB
A Review of Martin Gardner's Urantia, the Great Cult Mystery
Eric Pement's Cornerstone Magazine Article
Reply to Eric Pement
The Watchman Fellowship Profile of the UB
Let Us Reason Ministries
Skeptic's Dictionary Entry

Urantia Book Internet Church:

Internet Church with a UB flavor, established by UB readers

Sites with discriptions:  A website with links to many categories of Urantia related sites. (Square Circles Publishing) This web site provides access to Urantia Book related works (Byron Belitsos' Publishing Company) He publishes books in practical spirituality, psychology, self-help, global religion, philosophy, progressive business and politics, ufology, visionary fiction, and related subjects.
  Urantia Book Study Groups USA - Fellowship Online study group locator.
  The Urantia Book Historical Society - This online digital archive is a record of the history of the Urantia Book Movement since 1900.
  International Urantia Resources - Directory of global Urantia Book resources and organizations. A Polylingual Site Search of The Urantia Book in ALL available languages. Sharing truth, beauty, goodness, and personal discovery in email quotes sent out daily. (from Austin)  This site tracks the developing corroborations of science and history in the Urantia Book. This site is being updated with new information several times each month. Halbert  An online UB presentation called Path To Self-Mastery, by Richard Omura. The Sacred Cycle, a multi-media Flash presentation by Troy Bishop. Association for Light and Life, ALL Errol and Rochelle Strider have delighted many UB conference attendees with their inspired drama/comedy presentations.  Because they are devoted to higher truth, they "translate" it into theatrical mode exquisitely. Lee Loots shares: The Institute of Noetic Sciences is is launching a Spiritual Cinema Club. Approximately  3 CDs a month are sent to keep, and each is “selected for its spiritual and psychological depth and its value in enriching your life.” Robert (Behz) Sarmast's project of discovering vestiges of the First Garden of Eden under the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus.

Other Interesting Sites:

Urantia Book Programming - Download Urantia Book translation software. Read The Multilingual Urantia Book. Read Urantia Book Explorer.
The Urantia Project - A state of the art website with great graphic illustrations and a tour of the universe.
The Urantia Book Historical Society - This online digital archive is a record of the history of the Urantia Book Movement since 1900.
Association for Light and Life - ALL is a nonprofit spiritual association whose primary purpose is to engage in and support those endeavors which further the realization of Light and Life on this world.
Bible & The Urantia Book Bridges - Where dedicated sons of God meet to create bridges of understanding between the Bible and The Urantia Book.
Light to Paradise - An online book that explores and simplifies concepts from The Urantia Book.
Morning Star Foundation - The Morning Star Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to historical, educational and inspirational works relating to the teachings of The Urantia Book.
Soul Publishing - A site for your soul's journey.
Square Circles Publishers - Publishing secondary and supportive works to The Urantia Book, many wonderful and useful offerings.
Truthseekers - An event oriented group for teens aged 14-19 (older alumni are always welcome too as leaders or facilitators) who spend quality time together, getting to know one another via wonderful adventures set in some of the most beautiful places on this earth. - Disseminating The Urantia Book in various languages • FREE and convenient DOWNLOAD of selected versions • Information/links to sites providing The Urantia Book text • The complete ENGLISH text and complete RUSSIAN and KOREAN translations • Links for purchasing the various publications • Instructions to install a powerful, FREE Search Engine
TheoQuest - Because the quest for God is everything. Sharing truth, beauty, goodness, and personal discovery.
UBtheNEWS - is a collective effort by individual [Urantia Book] enthusiasts to create, report on, and be a resource for news and information related to the emerging scientific and historical validity and credibility of the Urantia Book. - Directory of Urantia Book websites.
Urantia Garden - Urantia website of study and art.
Wikipedia Encyclopedia - Description of The Urantia Book at the online encyclopedia from One Source.
The Urantia Board - Comprehensive topical discussion boards for Urantia Book readers and everyone else.
The Urantia Book Readers Online Network - A place to discuss 101 topics related to The Urantia Book.
Uversa Press - Publisher of The Urantia Book with extensive index.
UrantiaBook Youth News - Young people's Urantian connection.
Urantia Nations Outreach - Holding up a light of truth for the world.

Unclassified Urantia Book Websites:

Discovery of Atlantis - Robert Sarmast
William Whitehead
Fosters peace and brotherhood
Halbert Katzen's Presentation on Science and The Urantia Book
Dedicated to Michael - Finding peace on Earth
Elan Vital - An epic poem based on the teachings of The Urantia Book.
The Light And Life Website - A online magazine dedicated to other revelations of truth.
Lightson - Nourish Your Spirit!
The Urantia Book Introduction - Designed to create a hub of introductory information, while providing links to additional resources for those who wish to investigate further.
Rob Crickett Internation Ministries - Spiritual health and healing with Jesus gospel.
Robert W. Hunt - Professor R. Hunt's personal page.
Listen To The Life Of Jesus - Audio of The Urantia Papers.
Audio Urantia Book - Audio of The Urantia Papers.
The Urantia Book Outreach Organization (TUBOO) - Believes every household should have at least one copy of The Urantia Book. TUBOO is honoured and pleased to provide households which have never had a Urantia Book the opportunity to obtain one. Free.

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